Davisville Junior Public School Toronto Students

Davisville Junior Public School is about to get a $14 Million Makeover.

Davisville Junior Public school has long been known for is academics, but not so much for it’s aesthetics and it’s cramped classrooms. Now thanks to a $14.7 million cash injection from the province, Davisville Junior is looking forward to becoming a modern, state of the art school that will not only improve the lives of the students but also the local community as well.

“The funding will allow Davisville to be totally rebuilt into a modern state-of-the-art school, with enough space for up to 728 students (up from its current 525) so students won’t be so squashed,” said Education Minister Liz Sandals

For Davisville principal Shona Farrelly, it will mean today’s classes of 20-plus students no longer will have to be squeezed “really, really tightly” into 16 classrooms originally built for small clusters of deaf students in the 50-year-old building near Yonge St. and Davisville Ave.

The feedback from those most closely involved was positive to say the least. Trustee Shelley Laskin said she was “over the moon”, Principal Shona Farrelly said today’s classes of 20+ students will no longer have to be sandwiched “really, really tightly” into classrooms.

City Councillor Josh Matlow spoke about his excitement at creating a “Midtown Community Hub” for all residence to take advantage of with amenities that can be used by more than just young students.

“We don’t have a community centre in Ward 22 but we have thousands of people moving into the community (including condo towers at Yonge and Eglinton) and the most active storks in the city, so I’m delighted the province has ensured a new facility for Davisville students, which we hope will help bring our Midtown Community Hub to fruition.”

For the children of Davisville, the expansion should mean easier access to recreational programs like swimming, skating etc. which are currently very difficult to get into. Initial ideas being discussed for the community hub include a kitchen, a pool and a gym/exercise facility. While these facilities would be used by the school during the day, at night they will be opened to the general public. All in all, this is nothing but good news for the Davisville Village community as well as Davisville Junior Public school. It doesn’t hurt Davisville real estate property values either!

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