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The Schools Of Davisville (and where to find info on them)

One of the major draws of Toronto’s Davisville Village neighbourhood is it’s access to some of the city’s best public schools for elementary schools (junior school), intermediate schools (middle school) and secondary schools (highschool). In this article we will focus on 2 things:

1 – Which schools service the area, and how to tell which one your child would qualify for.

2 – Their Fraser Institute scores and rankings as well as their reputation in academics.


Resource: Determining Which School Serves Your Address

Visit the following link and enter your property address without house number to find out which school your child should attend. SEARCH FOR YOUR SCHOOL

Resource: School Ranking by Fraser Institute:

Fraser Institute Score & Rank – See any schools score and how they rank compared to Toronto’s other schools. LINK TO SCHOOL RANKINGS

Elementary (Junior Schools)


Maurice Cody Junior Public School


Location: 364 Belsize Drive, Toronto ON M4S1N2

Contact: (416) 393-9240

Fraser Institute Score: 72/2348

School Score: 8.9/10

School Website: http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/mauricecody


Davisville Junior Public School


Location: 43 Millwood Road, Toronto ON M4S 1J6

Contact: (416) 393-0570

Fraser Institute Score: 470/2348

School Score: 7.6/10

School Website: http://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/davisville/Home.aspx


Intermediate (Middle Schools)


Hodgson Senior Public School


Location: 282 Davisville Avenue, Toronto ON M4S 1H2

Contact: (416) 393-0390

Fraser Institute Score: NA

School Score: NA

School Website: http://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/hodgson/Home.aspx


Secondary (Highschools)


North Toronto Collegiate Institute


Location: 17 Broadway Avenue, Toronto ON M4P 1T7

Contact: (416) 393-9180

Fraser Institute Score: 10/691

School Score: 8.8/10

School Website: http://ntci.on.ca/


Northern Secondary School


Location: 851 Mt Pleasant Road, Toronto ON M4P 2L5

Contact: (416) 393-0270

Fraser Institute Score: 149/691

School Score: 7.2/10

School Website: http://northern-secondary.com

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