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Top 5 places to get fit in Davisville from a pro!

*Before Reading Note: We reference Classpass multiple times in this post. Classpass lets you “access the largest network of fitness studios with. Your monthly membership lets you create workout routines that work for you, whether thatʼs Bikram and barre or cycling and circuit training.” Every month, you can take a variety of classes and visit the same studio up to 3x a month, depending on your plan. Find what works for you and set your own schedule.


I live in Davisville, and I absolutely love it. You have all the parks, the ravine, the cemetery to run through. You can walk to your local grocer, coffee shop, or dry cleaners. The biggest plus for me? All the fitness hubs!

I mean we all know working out is important – it fights disease, improves our sleep, lowers stress levels, helps with weight loss, and of course there’s the joy factor (endorphins, etc). Yet more often than not we find ourselves fighting that inner battle every morning over whether or not we’re going to hit the gym that day. Sometimes we plan on it, and then when it comes down to actually putting our shoes on, we bail. Other times we simply don’t make time for it. The nice thing about living is the Davisville neighbourhood is that fitness is all around you.

Things like convenience, time, and money are all contributing factors that determine whether or not we actually go to the gym, on top of the more obvious ones like whether or not we’re motivated to actually go.

One of the most common things I hear when it comes down to working out is knowing where you should go (so many choices in Davisville) and what to actually do. Not having a workout plan for the day is enough to put me off… it feel likes a chore on my to-do list that I just don’t have time for.  So lucky for you folks living in the Davisville/Leaside area, I am going to fill you in on a few local gym secrets, hidden gems, and some workout tips. I’ll even throw in a sample workout schedule for the week.

So without further ado, here is a selection of the top gyms in Davisville that I would recommend for the local fitness goer. Try them out to keep your booty and/or biceps up to par.


Ferris 360 Davisville Neighbourhood Gym Workout

Ferris 360:

When I moved to Davisville, this was the first gym I tried out. To this day it is by far my favorite go-to fitness location but also one of the hardest! Classes involve both cardio and weights. It’s non-stop 60 minutes but classes fly by! They are open 364 days of the year too so you don’t really have any excuses for not going at least once to try it out…. Their workouts are designed for the athlete, beginner gym rat, and every body in between.

*On Class Pass


Centre Ring Davisville Neighbourhood Fitness Gym Boxing

Centre Ring:

This place is a hidden gem. You wouldn’t really know it exists unless someone told you about it. So here I am, telling you TO GO to one of the coolest fitness spots in Davisville!!!  If you are looking for a hardcore overall body-workout and solid sweat, this is perfect for getting your ass kicked. Wayne incorporates boxing with other body weight routines. It is one of the best all-around physical exercise programs available in Toronto. Lucky for you it’s in Davisville!


North Movement Davisville Neighbourhood PIlates Health Gym

North Movement

I tried out North Movement for the first time 2 weeks ago. Anna, the owner, has been known for her boot-camp classes she performs in the parks. Little did I know she’s also a talented Pilates instructor. I’ve only done the “floor classes”, which don’t involved the machine. I highly recommend them! They work your core, arms, and overall booty. Sometimes she’ll ask the group what you’d like to work on that day and she’ll tailor it to hit all the right places. You won’t get your heart rate up too high or sweat too much, but as a disclaimer you might have trouble laughing for a week cause your abs will be too sore!
Don’t forget, your first class is free (1STFREE) and they also just joined ClassPass.

*On Class Pass


Vega Pilates Davisville Neighbourhood Pilates Yoga Gym

Vega Power Pilates

I didn’t think I was much of a Pilates girl, or at least I thought so, so I was hesitant to give this fitness spot a go. As the least likely person in my friend group to take a Pilates class, I’m now an avid go-er! If you’ve done Lagree before, this class is similar but the movements are slower, more targeted, and less “intense” (by intense I mean less yelling deafening music). The classes are challenging and involve resistance exercises. You won’t work up much of a sweat but not to worry. A day later when you wake up and feel the burn all over your body, you know you’ve had the most bang-on workouts possible.

*On Class Pass


Striation 6 Davisville Village Gym Workout Exercise

Striation 6

This is Toronto’s first large-scale PAY-FOR-USE exercise facility. Did you hear that the first time? PAY-FOR-USE! How cool is that? Sort of like class pass, but you can go as often as you’d like and do whatever you want. If you are looking for a variety of classes (boot-camp, boxing, spinning, yoga, HIIT…) they have one of the city’s most extensive group exercise schedules and it happens to be only steps from the Davisville subway station.


Fitness Tips

Have a buddy: if you commit to someone else other than yourself it’s hard say no and bail last minute.

Plan/Sign up for a class ahead of time: Classpass let’s you book classes a week ahead of time. You can’t cancel, or they charge you. So book your classes for the week and off you go!

Mix it up: Don’t do the same workout or classes everyday. Totally boring. Mix it up to create excitement and try something new.

Do a class: If you are one to go to the gym (and more of a ‘I’ll figure it out when I get there’ kind of person) try doing a class. It’s nice to have someone else direct the workout for you so you don’t have to think too much about it.


Sample Davisville Weekly Fitness Schedule

Monday – Ferris 360

Tuesday – North Movement

Wednesday – Centre Ring

Thursday – Vega Pilates

Friday – Striation 6

Saturday – Walk or run in the ravine or cemetery! Bring your dog. (See Paul’s blog here on the Dogs of Davisville)

Sunday – Relax. But you’ll have had so much fun all week that this will be a tough demand.


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Coming from a competitive skiing background, Kate knows what it takes to achieve the best. As a former NCAA Division 1 and professional athlete and on the international stage, Kate’s driven personality translates directly into results for her clients. Fitness is one of Kate’s many passions and when she gives advice on the topic we tend to listen.

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