Davisville Vet and Animal Hospital

Davisville Veterinarians and Animal Hospital Directory

Davisville Veterinarians and Animal Hospital Directory


Below is a list of the veterinarians and animal hospitals that service the Davisville Village neighbourhood as well as our personal experience with them.


1. Davisville Park Animal Hospital


Address: 518 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2M2

Phone: (416) 489-8387

Website: http://davisvilleparkvets.com/

Google ranking: 4.9/5

Yelp ranking: 5/5 (LINK)

Our take: I have been taking my Shiba Inu Hiro to Dr. Avery since the day he was born. Hiro has people aggression yet loves everyone at the office. He also suffers seizures and Dr. Avery has been there to help us manage and improve them year after year. Every single person there knows Hiro by name somehow, even if they haven’t met him. I would hands down recommend Davisville Park Animal Hospital to anyone with a dog or cat in Davisville Village.


2. Mount Pleasant/Davisville Veterinary Hospital


Address:  745 Mt Pleasant Road, Toronto ON M4S 2N4

Phone: (416) 481-7387

Website: http://mtpleasantvet.ca/

Google ranking: 4.2/5

Yelp ranking: 5/5 (LINK)

Our take: Our Golden Doodle Penny is a handful and as I referenced in my “A dogs take on living in Davisville” she breaks down more than a Jaguar. The staff at Mount Pleasant/Davisville Veterinary Hospital have been nothing but wonderful both in their service and their attitude. These people become family over time and we are so happy to have such an amazing team to take care of our pooch.


3. Leaside Animal Clinic


Address: 1662 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 3C2

Phone: (416) 481-1127

Website: http://www.leasideanimalclinic.com/

Google ranking: 4.7/5

Yelp ranking: 4/5 (LINK)

Our take: We have never personally used them, but a quick google search shows a solid number of positive reviews. “I cannot say enough great things about this Animal Clinic!! I have used three others over the years and this one is superior in every way:-))) I’ve seen all the vets and every visit has been awesome. The vet techs are amazing, the reception staff friendly and knowledgable, and everyone here really cares.”

4. Usher Animal Hospital


Address: 29 Chaplin Crescent, Toronto, ON M5P 1A2

Phone: (416) 482-3998

Website: http://www.usheranimalhospital.com/

Google ranking: NA

Yelp ranking: 3/5 (LINK)

Our take: We have never been to Usher because of the wonderful service we have had at the above two vets. Yelp reviews are all positive as far as the quality of service received and the only complaints seem to be around the cost of the service.


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