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A dogs take on living in Davisville

If dogs had any say in where their owners bought real estate you can guarantee they would be pushing hard for Davisville Village. There are few neighbourhoods in the city that have a social dog scene like the one in Midtown Toronto. The local dog parks are always bustling and for a minute I thought the dogs were holding some sort of speed dating event last Friday night. Okay, thats a bit of a stretch but it is nice to know you have a place to bring your dog for 30 minutes where you are pretty much guaranteed some great socialization and outdoor play time. If you have one of those dogs that just always seems to gets attacked, steam rolled or slobbered on, you may not want make use of one of the 7 public off leash dog parks in the area but you do have other options. You can easily connect to the ravine system for a more intimate one on one with your pooch and of course the Mount Pleasant Cemetery has 200 acres of parkland and over 19 KMs of roadways and paths for you and your dog to enjoy.

For the 9-5 workers, there several reliable dog walkers who live and work in the area. It’s also nice walking along the streets of Davisville as almost every street has been reduced to a 30 or 40 km/h speed limit so you don’t have to be nervous if your dog jumps off the sidewalk for a second or tries to go after a squirrel. (I’m always surprised that the squirrel somehow gets away every time)

All dogs need regular maintenance (my dog breaks down more than my car) and Davisville gives you plenty of options. There are 4 excellent veterinary clinics in the area, there are 6 places to give your dog a brand new haircut and 2 doggie spas if you feel like really treating your dog or can’t think of the right birthday gift.  I’ve been taking my dog to Bayview Veterinary clinic and the service there is excellent.

This is just a hunch and I have no facts to back this up but if you walk around Davisville or live there as I do, you can reasonably guess that almost half the homes in the area have a dog.  What a great place to be a single dog…

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