Selling With Midtown Living

Why sell with us?

Selling is a combination of preparation, marketing/advertising and access to a large database of top Realtors and clients. At Midtown Living we marry all three to create the best possible buying experience. Our expertise in selling properties is second to none, and our hands on attention to detail is why our clients refer us time and again.

We have a huge buyer network.

Our network features literally thousands of the cities top Realtors and more than 5,000 individuals and buyers in our personal and professional networks.

We are focused Midtown specialists.

We believe in focusing on the area’s in which we live in and love. For us that is Midtown Toronto.

Our brokerage is the best at advertising.

We joined Blue Elephant Realty because they have the absolute best advertising team in the industry. Their property marketing program is second to none!

What’s Your Property Worth?

The Toronto real estate market has seen record growth in 2016 of more than 11%. Trying to time the market is really impossible to do, but what we can tell you is that there your property has never been worth more. Find out just how much by filling out he form below.

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